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Thank you Everyone!  That was a a busy 2019!  Launching a website certainly was not on my to do list especially in the middle of Christmas.  Thanks for coming along.  I have also found some new customers.

I am also getting to know Facebook and Intstagram.  I have stayed away from social media for so long but I guess now is time.  So many people abuse it, that I have not wanted to get involved, but with the launching of the website, it is a way to stay in touch with customers and keep everyone up to date with new files and new products.

I am also adding some physical products to my site for those that don't have machines yet.  Feel free to make requests if you don't see a product listed yet.  I also highly recommend Doodlebug Boutique, by Ashley Miller.  Ashley uses some of my designs and many others.  Really cute things.

I'm adding some Harry Potter designs, Word Art, and more.  Subscribe to my site to keep up to date!  As always, Happy Stitching!



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