Goodbye Etsy, Hello World Wide Web!

Posted by Sandra Abernathy on

I am excited to announce the launching of my brand spankin' new website.  My new name is Mouse and More Boutique.  Why Mouse and More?  Well, it really is all the things I love and the things you love.  I get some of my best ideas from my customers.

I love Disney, Friends, 80s Movies and my family.  I have done embroidery for my daughter and her friends for years.  She is off to college swimming for Colorado Mesa University.  I am still embroidering for her and her teammates, I just finished team towels for Christmas gifts!

My Horror Characters and Grinch Characters were inspired by customer requests.  Please feel free to send me an email if you have an idea!

Please subscribe to my email list to hear about new files, sales and free files.  I will be publishing giveaways monthly and sending coupons and promotions.

I just purchased my first multi-needle machine and it gets delivered next week.  I am so excited.

Until next time.  Happy Stitching!


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  • OMG,you have so many wonderful designs, I am having trouble to decide which of the Designs I want. Great job and I am so happy and love your site.My order will come if I can makeup my mind. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

    Elizabeth on
  • So excited for your new website. I loved the “Friends” pillowcases you made for my granddaughter and her friends. Wishing you success and fun in your new endeavor!

    Norma Tumblin on
  • Congratulations Sandra! I love all of the designs that I purchased from you. Look forward to more awesome designs in the future 😊

  • what was your store name on Etsy please?? and Please add me to your email list :)
    thank you ((also why did etsy close your store?))

    Bonnie Loomis on
  • Congrats on the new website and the multi-needle machine. I purchased mine about 4 years ago and they have been going non-stop since. LOL. I would love to get on your email list but I cannot find where to do that.

    Diana Romero on

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